Cinefantasy 2016: Award Statement

2016/12/17 Honorable Mentions, Second Prize and First Prize


Honorable mention goes to "Smile", a script by Watchara Intrasombat from Thailand. Win has written a script that celebrates the human spirit even in times of great strife, using great and
important photographic images from recent world history.
Honorable mention also goes to "Charlie Bot: The Little Cyborg With a Heart of Gold", by Trevor Hewitt of the USA. Trevor's script itself has a heart of gold. It sets up a dialectic between
machine and human being, in which the human emotion of the heart wins out.

The second prize of our competition goes to "The Seeker's Key", by Alessa Ellefson of Brussels, Belgium. In this script, a 9-year old boy and his 4-year old sister use a magical key to survive a brutal refugee camp, where they have been targeted by cruel characters who want to exploit the children, as well as their magic key. However, the key responds only to a true emotional
connection on the part of the person holding it. We are awarding our second prize to The Seeker's Key for its original and moving narrative, which honors the honesty and purity of emotion,
which is felt by children, above all.
The second prize carries a citation and a sum of 2.500 Euros.

The first prize goes to "Legacy of Dreams", by Ilashree and Manassvi Goswami of Mumbai India. In this script, a young Indian woman, disenchanted with her life, has stopped dreaming. She
is contacted by a phantasmagorical Dream Bank, and is urged to revitalize her dormant account, which she insists she never had. Through this surreal turn-of-events, she changes her life and
comes into contact with her birth mother, who was forced to give her up, but never stopped dreaming of the best for her daughter's future. We are awarding our top prize to Legacy of Dream
for its strong female protagonist, its original narrative, and its great humanity.
The first prize carries a citation and a sum of 4.000 Euros.

by Cinefantasy Jury