About Cinefantasy

Welcome to Join Us!

Many of today’s successful screenwriters sold their first screenplays to a film production company by entering a screenwriting competition, which gives writers exposure to industry professionals who can actually take the scenario from the idea to the screen.

You are not competing with other screenwriters so to speak; instead, you are competing for attention of film agents and producers who can turn your work into reality. 

CINEFANTASY International Short Film Screenwriting Competition is an International Young Talents Project dedicated to discovering and supporting emerging writing talents. We welcome scenarios from anywhere in the world. We are looking forward to reading your scenario!

Why Fantasy?

Fantastic films push the boundaries of the imagination to another realm where anything in this world, other worlds, or even the entire universe, can exist. Writing the fantastic screenplay requires creating a world and its population in which the audience will curiously and excitedly take the leap of faith with the author, and not only believe and understand what is actually occurring, but care about it.

Our target is to give an opportunity to young people of any origin, to express themselves and to have the opportunity to open up a world that seems inaccessible for them or restricted only to a few privileged group; and to provide young talents an international platform to present their ideas and creations in an audiovisual world.